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Are you struggling with calculating your quarterly estimated taxes? Are you unsure how to submit your payments online? We can help!

With this service, we will calculate your quarterly estimated tax payments and provide instructions on how to pay them online. 

Quarterly Estimated Tax Deadlines

Quarter 1: April 15th

Quarter 2: June 15th

Quarter 3: September 15th

Quarter 4: January 15th (the following year)


1. Purchase the quarter that you would like us to calculate

2. You will be re-directed to a form asking questions regarding your self-employment income/expenses

  • You will also receive a confirmation with a link to the form in case you need to fill it out at a later time.

  • The form will not save your progress, so please fill it out in one sitting.

3. We will email your quarterly estimated tax calculations within 7 business days

  • The email will include recommended estimated tax payments for your federal taxes (and state taxes if applicable)

  • It will also include instructions for how to submit your payments online (we do not pay the taxes on your behalf)

$75 per quarter


Statement of Liability:  

  • As a non-client, we do not have access to your tax, business and/or financial documents. We will provide quarterly estimated tax calculations based solely on the information provided by you, and are not liable for any decisions made based on the content shared.

  • Our calculations do not guarantee any particular tax outcome since they are based solely on your self-employment income and do not include spouse income, wage (W2) income, capital gains, rental income, etc. Even if you pay quarterlies, you may or may not still owe taxes in the spring.

  • We encourage you to meet with your tax professional to review our suggestions and confirm that it fits within the scope of your unique tax/financial situation.

  • By purchasing this service, you confirm that you have read and agree with this statement.

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