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Welcome to the 2nd edition of "The Interpreter's Quick Guide to Self-Employment"! This edition includes updated 2019 tax year information as well as additional content on several topics from the first edition. 


Do you know how to turn your freelance interpreting business into a profitable, well-oiled business operation? What do you know about establishing a workable business structure? Do you have an organized bookkeeping system? Do you have enough medical and business insurance? Can you choose the retirement fund that is best for you? 

Running your own business as a freelance interpreter can be confusing and frustrating if you don't have a background in business; and most of us have been too busy building our careers to delve into the world of business administration. Fortunately, professional interpreters and small-business owners Rosemary Johnson and Brent Bocian can help you. In their Interpreter's Guide to Self-Employment, Johnson and Bocian provide a step-by-step guide to turning your interpreting skills into a stable, secure, and sustainable business.

The Interpreter's Quick Guide to Self-Employment is a simple, easy to understand business guide for freelance interpreters.

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