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DIY Federal Payment Plan Guide

Are you unable to afford your federal tax balance? Are you interested in spreading out your tax balance over a couple of month, or even a couple of years? If so, you've come to the right place!

Our DIY Federal Payment Plan Guide teaches you how to set up a federal payment plan online.


✔️ Step by step screenshots showing how to set up a federal payment plan online with the IRS

✔️ A brief comparison of three types of plans you can choose from (plans with automatic monthly payments versus plans with manual payments)

✔️ Bonus material

  • How to monitor your remaining balance via your online IRS account

  • How to make additional payments towards your payment plan balance (if you would like to)

  • How to make changes to your payment plan after setting it up

  • Common fees and interest associated with payment plans


*Discounted for

tax clients*

After your purchase, you will be re-directed to a webpage with your DIY Federal Payment Plan Guide.

You will also receive a confirmation email from with a link to your DIY guide future reference.

**This guide does not include any additional meetings or personalized support. If you would like us to set up your payment plan for you, click here to submit an inquiry for our Tax Debt Relief Services.

**This guide only covers federal payment plans. It does not discuss state payment plans.

**If you owe more than $50,000, you will not be able to use this DIY guide. Instead you will need to work with a tax professional. Click here to view our Tax Debt Relief services.

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