Pricing & CEUs

  • Webinars cost $200/hour**. Payment is due 30 days from the date of the webinar.

  • The host has the right to charge attendees a registration fee.

  • The host provides CEUs.

**Interpreter Training Programs/higher education institutions have the option to host our "3 Easy Way to Take Charge of your Taxes as a Freelance Interpreter" webinar for free**

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  • All webinars are available in either ASL or English. The host chooses the presentation language.

  • Attendees will receive a copy of the PowerPoint after the webinar.

  • Attendees will have the chance to win a copy of The Interpreters Quick Guide to Self Employment.


  • Webinars are presented using the host's online platform (zoom, webex, etc)

  • Quick Guide Tax does not allow hosts to record webinars without prior permission.

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